Winterport Union Meeting House
P.O. Box 683
117 Main Street
Winterport, ME 04496

Winterport Citizens,

The Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, May 7, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Winterport Historical Building, which is next door to the Union Meeting House. All members and friends will be warmly welcomed.

This past year saw some wonderful events occur at the Meeting House. The second open house was very well attended and everyone enjoyed the evening festivities and the live entertainment that night. There were three memorable weddings held at the Meeting House and one of them actually took place in this past February of 2018. The Live Nativity Presentation celebrated its 50th anniversary in December and was well attended both nights. The Meeting House was used to hold an informal forum featuring candidates running for either town selectman or a position on the school board. The evening’s event was well received and very much appreciated by all those who attended.

Look for upcoming events for 2018 at our Meeting House website at

Maintenance and restoration of this magnificent historical landmark here in Winterport is always an ongoing challenge that the Board of Directors address with great pride. Projects to repair all the four spires is being attended to presently as well as various leaks in the roof and around window casings. The Board is truly grateful for all the support it received from all its members and the community at large. It is especially appreciative for the Town’s allowance to fund the winding of the steeple clock on a yearly basis.

Board of Directors

Mark Fitzpatrick, President
Charles Rizza, Vice President
Ann Ronco, Treasurer
Tracey Wellman, Secretary
Al Faust
Kim Pitula
Maggie English-Flanagan
Dean El-Hajj
Mikeala Wentworth