The Town Crier, November 2018

The Christmas tradition continues this year with the Live Nativity scheduled for Friday, December 14 and Saturday, December 15 at 7 p.m. in front of the Winterport
Union Meeting House.  There had been concerns about who was going to take over organizing this yearly event with the “retirement” of Dean and Linda El-Hajj. But thanks to Mark Fitzpatrick, President of the Winterport Union Meeting House—and with assistance from the El-Hajjs—the baton has been passed to the local churches,
including St. Gabriel’s, Winterport Baptist Church, Frankfort Congregational, Ellingwood Corner Methodist Church, Calvary Church, and Hampden Methodist.  The plan is for each of these to be in charge of a specific part of the nativity. Plans are still being worked out on all aspects, including the formation of a choir to lead us in the traditional Christmas songs.  For those who are new to the area and not familiar with this family event, members of our community come together to bring this outdoor play to Winterport.
It is presented on the grounds of the historic Union Meeting House, the weekend prior to Christmas.  The streetlights are turned off and the Rt. 1A traffic is diverted. The children of the surrounding communities are the actors. The only speaking part is the Narrator. The play is 12 minutes long and involves live animals.  It’s a great community gathering and will definitely put you into the Christmas spirit! More information will be available on the Winterport Union Meeting House website


Spire work
Thanks to United Rental for the use of the lift!



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