The Board was very proud to show off the Meeting House in 2016 as for the first time in its history it had interior and exterior lighting installed. Fixtures replicating the period of the building were utilized and we have since been able to have evening functions.

In 2017 we directed our fundraising efforts towards our roof. Over the harsh winter of 2016-17, the Winterport Union Meeting House lost part of its slate tile as well as two of its spires. Check out the news story from WABI. Our slate roof/spires project has now been complete.

The floors are another project we had been working on.  The old carpet was recently removed due to wear.  What we discovered underneath were parts of quilts that different denominations had donated which helped to keep the warmth in (what little there must have been). The Maine Historical Society is working to guide us with the preservation of these materials.

Other projects we are continuing to work on include the potential installation of a heating system which will enable us to use the building during the chillier months.

Maintenance and the restoration of this magnificent historical landmark is always a challenge that the Board of Directors address with great pride. The Board is truly grateful for all of the support it receives from its members and the community.

In 2022 our most important project was the painting of the exterior as well as the steeple. 

You may fill out your membership form online and send your tax-deductible donations to P.O. Box 683, Winterport, Maine 04496. The Meeting House is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.